How to unblock an outside drain

When you have a blocked outside drain Coulsdon, there are many tools that you can use before you decide to call the plumber or to use harsh chemicals. When you use some of the combinations of such tools, it may be the difference between having the drain cleared safely or paying a hefty sum to the professional.
The plunger is the first tool that people use if they want to clear clogs like in the drains, sink, bathtub or toilets. It is a versatile and inexpensive tool that each household has to own. You have to use the plunger on a drain and push it down and pull it back using the attached handle. Most of the time, the suction is going to release the blockage faster, and if you want to clear the tub or the sink, you should fill in the water partially before you use the plunger so that you will be able to see if the blockage has been cleared.
The plumbers snake is also known as the cable auger, and it is a long and flexible wire with a crank which pushes a cable within the pipe. You may insert a plumber snake into the clogged drain and turn the hand crank. You should be able to feel an obstruction getting loosened up. The plumbers snake is found in different lengths and it may be used for different jobs. There is also the special version that it is called the closet auger, and it has been designed to be used only for toilets.
The pressure washer is a tool that can be used by professional plumbers, but you may buy it from different DIY stores. It can help in different home maintenance areas, including a ,a href=””>blocked outside drain Coulsdon.

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