How to unblock a manhole

There are different models of manholes. The three-chamber manhole is a circulating manhole constructed of watertight material from which cleaned water is going into the ground. It is significantly smaller than classic collecting manholes. For example, a three-chamber manhole for 5 users has 1500 l volume, while a classic manhole for 5 users has 18 000-20 000 l volume.
A three-chamber manhole can have a version without a drain. This type of manhole doesn’t have to be dug in deep, which is great for houses on relatively hard grounds (lots of stone in soil).
When you get a three-chamber manhole, expenses for building it and using it are significantly lower (due to its smaller volume); since you clean a manhole once a year, it will take much less time to complete this work. Additionally, expenses for the unblocking of a Blocked manhole Couldson in a case of a three-chamber manhole are significantly lower.
For the cleaning and repair of a Blocked manhole Couldson of about 20.000 l volume, you might need 1000 a year, while with a three-chamber manhole you will not need more than half that expense, depending on the charge of the authorized professionals.
Based on this, it is evident that you will save half of your budget for these expenses if you choose a manhole with three chambers. This chamber comes with full instructions for construction and placement. While placing it in your backyard, it is important to place it on a spot where it will be easily accessible to emptying the tank. It is not recommended to put the collecting pool and a manhole in the same excavation.
Maintenance of a manhole is primarily about checking the level of active mud that collects on the bottom of a manhole and in time raises toward its top (this can be seen through the control window). When the mud reaches the top allowed level, it is important to call the professionals to empty a manhole. Emptying is performed from all three chambers.

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