Biomass Boiler

A growing amount of people especially landowners like farmers are diversifying and investing in something called a Biomass Boiler. As the name implies, it is a boiler, but with the difference being that it will burn biological waste such as, logs, trees and all plant material, allowing it to produce heat and energy. These Modern biomass burners leave little ash left as they are a very efficiently burner. Something called a feeder operates the boiler automatically, so that its hopper may only need replenishment once a day. Coulsden Plumbers can advise about biomass.Green Credentials:The green impact of this type of heat and energy provider is very good. This is because our trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide throughout their lives, and burning them does not increase CO2 as they would have released the same amount when they perished, so no new carbon dioxide is produced. The only flaw with that fact is that there is very a slight net increase, because the wood needs processing and then moving to your home. Even so, their carbon footprint is reasonably small. A Coulsden Plumber understands biomass burners.Other Facts:The Biomass can be up to 14 times bulkier than its other counterparts like oil, so storage can be an issue. So that amount of space is needed to store it. The hopper is very large and cumbersome also. Biomass on the face of it is great, but not practical for us all long term. For someone with access to a sustainable woodland or for that matter any arable bye-products should consider biomass as credible source of fuel production. Grants are available, so overall a biomass boiler can, pay for itself in years to come, with the bonus of less CO2 production which must be good for the environment.

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