Central Heating Control Valves

There are two types of electrically operated valve that appear in central heating systems and they are as follows:The first is a two port valve that shuts on and off and the second is a three port valve called a Diverter Valve. This valve diverts the flow of water through the hot water cylinder when it is required to do so. Coulsdon Plumbers supply and fit both valves. Central heating control valves are sometimes called zone control valves and have a direction of flow marked on the body which is very important within a system carrying water. (always mark this down before removal!).A valve is a relatively simple component of the system and is a long lasting device which is capable of decades of hard use by your central heating. As with many things that work hard, these valves can after many years of operation start to fail and usually the electrical components wear out, with the seals failing causing leakage. This is obviously very problematic in a home where you rely on the heating system. The valves are not expensive to buy but it always a good idea before purchasing a replacement valve to check and test the old one first just to make sure that the problem is not in the wiring or control timer, saving an unnecessary expense.In an emergency it is sometimes possible to disconnect the wiring for the valve allowing the operation of the system to continue, howver make the cable safe by disconnecting it at the controller and then opening the valve with a screwdriver or a small spanner. This procedure will result in there being no zone control but it is a good option in certain situations. A Coulsdon Plumber is trained in the installation and maintenance of both valves.

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