Dealing with Electric Shock

During any home based maintenance or repairs an accident can happen at any time. So it is important to know what action to take.An electric shock can kill if the victim stops breathing. Action needs to be quick and decisive. More than anything else, actions need to be cool and methodical. Coulsdon Plumbers use first aid trained people. Firstly if there is only one person with the victim, do not touch them, switch off the electrical supply and using an insulated object remove the victim from the source if they are still touching it. As a last resort pull the victim away from the source with loose clothing but at no point should the victim be touched anywhere on the body. Once free of the electrical source place the victim in a position to resuscitate if they have stopped breathing. Resuscitation.If the victim is still not breathing, pinch the nose and with the head tilted back place the mouth over the victims and blow into the mouth, watching the chest rise, repeating every 5-6 seconds (around 10-12 repetitions ). An ambulance must be called as soon as possible. If there is no phone, then call loudly for assistance. If there is someone else present send them. Continue with the resuscitation until the victim breathes themselves or the paramedics arrive.The Recovery Position.Once the victim is breathing, place them on their side, head sideways and arm extended above the head, making sure the airway is clear. Keep them warm with blankets if possible, DO NOT try and sit the victim up just keep them still until the emergency services arrive. A Coulsdon Plumber is first aid trained. Keep a good watch on the victim and should they vomit, ensure that this is wiped away so that it will not cause a choking hazard.

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