Fitting a Filtered Water Tap

There are two ways that filtered water may be supplied. Firstly via a separate worktop mounted tap, or a combination mixer tap which has hot, cold, and filtered water. The later is often more convenient as no additional space is required on the worktop and many people prefer the convenience of a single tap. Initially You should check that your water pressure meets the minimum / maximum pressures required by the manufacturer, a Coulsdon Plumber is skilled in all plumbing work.All in One Tap.Made up of a new triple outlet tap, flexible pipe tails, mounting bracket for the tap, filter unit and mounting bracket, and flexible water hoses to supply the filtered water. There may also be additional items such as a filter changing indicator.Filter Unit.This unit should be mounted the under sink in a cupboard being held securely in its own bracket which allows a convenient connection to the plumbing. Units can often be mounted both horizontally or vertically.Connecting the Plumbing & Mounting the Tap.If you are not confident, call a Coulsdon Plumber to carry out the job. Isolate the hot and cold water supply to the sink. Drain down the pipe work, and fit suitable double check service valves before proceeding. If this is a new installation, or the position is unsuitable, you will have to modify the pipe work to suit. Disconnect the existing mixer tap hot and cold flexible tails from the supply pipes and remove the tap from the sink or worktop. Place the upper mounting gasket on the base of the tap assembly and position in the tap hole. Fix in position using the horseshoe plate and stud together with any underside mounting washers. If fitting to the worktop rather than the sink unit, hopefully the tap hole in the worktop will be the same size as that required for the new tap. If not, or if this is a new installation, you will need to cut the appropriate size hole in the worktop. Connect the new flexible pipe tails to the hot and cold water supply connections. Connect the plastic water hoses to and from the filter unit. Open the isolation valves and thoroughly inspect your work. Open the filtered water tap and allow to run for a minute or so to flush it through. Repeat for the hot and cold taps.

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