Handy Tips For Your Septic Tank

The septic tank waste system is normally used in the more rural areas of the UK. It is designed to provide waste management for homes that are not connected to a main sewer system. It sits some way from the home and is usually problem free. The septic system is also normally maintenance free. Providing the tank and its system are well constructed it will last for a long time. There may however be a requirement for some maintenance or at some stage a need to be removed and a new unit fitted, but this is after around 15 years or so loyal service. Simple tips like not ditching foreign objects in the tank that the systems bacteria will not be able to break down will help to extend the life of the tank.Note: That the septic tank will need to be cleaned as solid waste begins to gather and build. Coulsden Plumbers are skilled professionals. Tips:1). Dont use massive amounts of water in the tank it will affect the balance that exists inside and can cause problems like backing up.2). Chemicals used in the home cause problems if used in high volumes. Detergents are fine and also some other domestic chemicals. These will not wreck the bacterial actions of the system. 3). Always use a premium toilet paper that will biodegrade as soon as it becomes wet. The best way to see if the toilet paper is the best is is to place a lump of toilet paper in a half filled container of water and shake, if the paper breaks apart, then the paper is fine to use in your system.4). Do not ditch things like grease down the drains as there is a high probability that it will solidify and block the drain. This will also cause a block in the sewer pipework or maybe even in the tank itself. If in doubt, call in a septic tank professional like a Coulsden Plumber.

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