How to unblock a toilet Coulsdon

When you find out that your toilet has been blocked in Coulsdon, then the first step is to assess the level of the problem. Before you even try to use the plunger, you have to know first if the problem is severe or not. Whenever you want to unclog the toilet by using vinegar and baking soda, you should use the same parts of both products. If it is a minor clog, then you need to use a small amount of vinegar and baking soda. When the problem is severe, you should start by using a certain amount of the products at a certain level and increase the ingredients slowly so that you may avoid the overflow. When it is just a minor clog, use the full amount of the baking soda you have prepared in the toilet bowl. Mix the equal parts of the baking soda and the vinegar together. This means that if you use a cup of the baking soda, you should use a cup of the vinegar. When you add vinegar in the blocked toilet Coulsdon, it is going to combine with the baking soda at once and it is going to start fizzing at once. Such fizzing may build up quickly, but it is also going to subside quickly. You have to wait for some minutes so that the vinegar and the soda may start to work together before you may move to the next step. After adding the vinegar, use a kettle which is full of water but remember to use hot water. Pour the hot water within the blocked toilet Coulsdon bowl and check so that you can see if the clog has been released. You have to repeat the procedure as many times as you can until the problem is resolved. You can flush just twice or once in order to clean the bowl and to ensure that the toilet has started to work in the right manner.

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