Materials for Plumbing

The aim of a plumber is to install, service and maintain various systems like the ones listed below: Hot and Cold Water.Sheet Lead Weathering.Central Heating.Rainwater.Above Ground Drains.Below Ground Drains (connection only).A plumber can also work with a varying range of materials that are used for system pipework, fittings and components, these include:Copper.Lead.Plastics. CeramicsSteel.Brass.It is really important that the novice has a good understanding of the properties of these materials and their suitability for the type of work for which they might be used. Coulsden Plumbers are familiar with all systems for plumbing.Materials Standards and Regulations.The huge range of materials that are used in everyday plumbing jobs are required to fall within a minimum standards of performance. It is a sensible and equally important thing that there is a standard system used for the sizes and dimensions of fittings and components. Just try and think what it would be like if you could buy a huge range of 15mm fittings that all had a slightly different inside diameter to the external diameter of a 15mm pipe. The job would be very time consuming and almost impossible to do correctly. A Coulsden Plumber understands material sizes.British Standards.There is a fair chance that you are familiar with the BSI kitemark. The kitemark symbol is only used only on materials and equipment that meet the high standards of the British Standards Institution (BSI), who administer the standards for all goods in the UK. The British Standard Institute guarantees standards of quality and it also sets standard dimensions for such things as pipes and fittings. The British Standards all begin with the letters BS and is followed by the given number of the standard. An example is BS6700 that happens to be of the main standards for the plumbing industry. This is a specification relating to design, installation, testing and maintenance of a service that supplies water for domestic needs within buildings and their surrounding areas.

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