New Cistern (Good To Know)

The cold-water storage cisterns that are fitted in our homes today are moulded from high strength plastic that can cope with high volume and pressures. They should always have complete support so that they are safe and level. This is achieved by supporting the base. The older metallised tanks were galvanized and did not require the same support. The old metal type of cistern is normally left in the loft space because removing them will need massive additional labour. Coulsden Plumbers will fit a new plastic cistern. There are occasions where tanks made of asbestos are discovered, these need specialist attention as they are very hazardous to health even in small doses so do not touch or cut the asbestos, as this will make a dust which is extremely dangerous to inhale, even a minute particle. The New Cistern:Size should be a minimum capacity of 100ltrs. If serving hot or cold system.Size should be a minimum capacity of 200ltrs even 250ltrs if serving both hot and cold system.To provide the best pressure possible at showers and taps, the new cistern must be located as high as possible. This may require a supporting framework. If a base is constructed it is essential that strong timbers and breasts are used so it can support the weight of the cistern when it is full. The weight of water is quite substantial for example 1ltr of water is 1kg in weight, so, 250ltr of water weighs 250kg or a quarter of one ton. A Coulsden Plumber is aware of this. Final Note:No jointing pastes or compounds to be used on any the connection to the unit as these will have a negative affect on the walls of the cylinder, causing it to break down and shortening its life. Connections are made with tank connectors. These are simply pushed through a hole made in the unit with a plastic washer also, and as the fitting tightens it clamps tight to the system wall.

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