Re-Heat Water

In an age when we are demanding more hot water at a quicker speed, we tend to run our heating systems run for very long periods of time. This really is not very good for the environment, because of the fuel burned to produce that hot water. There are other ways to produce hot water with a slightly better green credentials.Below are three of those options:Recovery.Hot water that runs down the drain will also cry its heat away also. The recovery method captures and reuses this heat to heat the water again. This can pre-heat the water that we are bout to use. The unit is fitted underneath the drain in the bath or shower. It is designed to re-circulate the heat not the water back to the showerhead or water heater. A Coulsden Plumber recommends this type of equipment.Recirculation.Time, temperature and motion can be Motion, temperature and time are three controlling factors for this sort of pump. The pump operates once the start button is pressed. It begins to move cool water that is already in the hot water circuit, sending it back to the heater via the cold water pipe. Any financial bonuses are made by the energy that is saved because the cold water doesnt go down drain, but back to be heated once again. Tank-less Heater.This unit takes a cold water supply in at the bottom that is heated pretty much straight away using a very efficient gas-burning heater. When the water feed is isolated, the unit shuts itself down. Usually located in the kitchen or bathroom, it lessens the distance to deliver the hot water. The cost of this heater may be double a standard heater, but, great savings in energy and water volume make it a great cost affective option. Coulsden Plumbers will fit all types of green appliances.

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