Useful Tools for The Plumber

Below is a list of useful tools for the plumber:Gas Blowtorch (soldering).A small hand held blowtorch direct heat source for soldering. Running on liquid gas is safe to use and efficient. Properly handled it can be used by professionals and beginners to plumbing. You simply play the torch over the joint until the solder flows. The gas is supplied in cannisters and easily changed. Coulsdon Plumbers use blowtorches.Rotary Pipe Cutter. (clamp type).A small hand held tool that is used to cut copper pipe. Again a great and useful tool known as apipe slice. Slip the disc over the pipe and turn until the cut is made. This tool is a great timesaver when you need to cut into an existing pipe run close to a wall or in a confined space.Saws.Generally you need to cut through floorboards and plasterboard walls in readiness for running pipes and cutting wood. Two saws are used, a curve ended handsaw designed specifically for floorboards. An electric jigsaw which is good for cutting holes in floors and plasterboard.To use the jigsaw just drill a starter hole and enter the saw blade in with the saw body flat on the material to be cut, switch on and slowly move the blade across to make the cut over a drawn line. A Coulsdon Plumber uses an electric jigsaw.Stilson Wrench.A long handled, tooth jawed wrench used for gripping cap nuts and round sections. The wrench jaws are opened so that they just slip over the item to be gripped and then the handles are pulled together so the jaws come together and grip tight. This tool is quite essential and very popular, being virtually indestructible.Ring Spanner.A long handled wrench with closed ring heads of different sizes at either end. The ring is slid over the nut to be loosened and can provide good purchase and works well on corroded nuts and in places where a conventional spanner cant go.

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